The 40's

Black Friday [1940]

When a professor becomes gravely ill, his friend who also happens to be a brain specialist (Boris Karloff) attempts to save him by transplating part of the brain from an injured gangster (Bela Lugosi). The operation proves deadly as the professor’s dual personalities transform him into a Jeckyl and Hyde. Under certain conditions, the gangster’s persona reemerges. But when the doctor learns of the gangster’s hidden treasure, he attempts to manipulate the professor into revealing the location, with catastrophic consequences. Solid horror flick from the 40’s is full of action, chills and a great deal of humour aswell. As a huge fan of old horror flicks, I couldn’t ask for more. Bela Lugosi’s role may be minor, but he gives it his best, and it shows (he’s always been devoted to his work and I love that about him). One of the best collaborations between Karloff and Lugosi (though they share not a single scene together!).


Rating: 3/4

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