The 70's

Mean Streets [1973]

The movie that started it all, putting both Martin Scorsesse and Robert De Niro on the map permanently. They later worked together on “Taxi Driver”, “The King Of Comedy”, “Raging Bull”, “Goodfellas” and finally “Casino”. “Mean Streets” is about a small time hood (Harvey Keitel) who works for his uncle, reclaiming bad debts. He and his irresponsible friend Johny (De Niro) spend most of their time making deals in the mean streets of New York’s little italy. Watching this movie was like watching birth; the birth of Martin Scorsesse’s style that is. His later movies became instant classics, but if you’re a true fan of his work, then I suggest you check out “Mean Streets”. It might not look as great today as it did back then, mainly because most of the story techniques and intense dialogue  were re-done and over done to the point of cliche, but it’s still a fine movie and a worthy addition to Scorsesse’s collection.


Rating: 3/4

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