The Twenty-First Century

Julie And Julia [2009]

Delightful movie based on 2 true stories about a woman (Amy Adams) who decides to cook all 524 recipes in Jula Child’s book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. The result is a delicious 2 hour long movie filled with humour, good food and terrific acting. Meryl Streep has never been better (she was nominated for an oscar for a 16th time), and the whole cast seems to be having a great time; and so are we! “Julie And Julia” is a feel good movie and it will definitely leave a smile on your face. Stanley Tucci is a treat to watch as Julia Child’s husband.

Fun fact: “Paul Child was 10 years older than Julia Child, however in reality Meryl Streep is 11 years older than ‘Stanley Tucci’.”

  Rating: 3/4

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    • The bridges of Madison county: a really good movie. I love both eastwood and streep. And they’re perfect together in that movie!

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