Frost/Nixon [2008]

I had high expectations for “Frost/Nixon” and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I even got more than I wished for: an amazing 2 hours of brilliant filmmaking. Frank Langhella plays president Richard Nixon who got caught up in the watergate scandal and was forced to resign from his post. But the story focuses more on the interview that was conducted 3 years later by british talk show host David Frost and in which he wanted to pressure Nixon to admit his terrible “mistakes”. “Frost/Nixon” is a tense, well acted movie, but it’s also a fine lesson in history; I simply loved it. Ron Howard has finally redeemed himself (after the horrible “Da Vinci Code”); he’s such a fine director and I think this movie easily ranks  among his best work. Kudos to the stars (Frank Langella and Michael Sheen). One of the best movies of the last decade.

Rating: 3.5/4

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  1. A month ago, while watching TV, I happened to stumble upon the real Frost/Nixon interviews on a public channel. I loved the movie and I loved it more after watching the original interviews. The casting is great look-wise and acting wise when compared to the original.

    • I saw parts of the real interview aswell once. That’s why I loved the movie. Both actors were terrific. Definitely a great movie. Im a huge fan of Michael Sheen now (I watched him in a movie called “Music Within” and he was incredible in it! You should watch him in this one).

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