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Across The Universe [2007]

If you’re a fan of The Beatles and/or musicals, chances are you’ve already seen and enjoyed “Across The Universe”. I like The Beatles, but I think this movie is a big lame excuse to introduce 30 of their songs in a long, sometimes uneven story (there are characters named Prudence and Jude in case you’re wondering). The music is good, but you don’t need a movie to figure out how great The Beatles were. So I guess the best way to enjoy “Across The Universe” is to close your eyes and enjoy the music, or better yet, skip it and buy the soundrack instead.

Fun fact: “This film was released in the United States on John Lennon’s birthday (October 9th).”

 Rating: 2.5/4

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  1. on the other hand this movie can introduce a lot of people to the music of the Beatles.
    when i first saw it , of course i had enough knowledge about how great the Beatles are , but my cousin for example didn’t have a clue on who they are , after seeing it she became a HUGE fan of them even more than me and she went to the exhibition held for them several times and got a lot of original records for them.
    All i’m trying to say is you can’t say close your eyes and enjoy the music, not all people can understand everything from their , let’s say ” ears “.
    So i disagree, it’s like a door to a lot of ” IGNORANT ” people who don’t know the their great breath taking music. and i suppose after watching this movie they will understand why the whole world cried when the Beatles broke up April 10 1970.

    • Interesting theory. But just keep in my mind that I didn’t hate the movie. I love the music and The Beatles. I just didn’t care much for the story or its characters. But like you said: If only one kid who sees this movie comes away curious enough to listen to the Beatles, Across the Universe will have done a great service.

      • It did , because i showed to a lot more than just my cousin 😉
        besides it has a great way into capturing a ” kid ” ‘s attention , like the seen of the circus .. i think the song was ” Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite ” that’s just amazing.

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