The 90's

What Dreams May Come [1998]

I  really wanted to write a positive review about “What Dreams May Come”, but truth be told, I couldn’t. It may be visually impressive (the special effects won an oscar), but the story is so damn confusing and awfully boring that I couldn’t care less about the characters. Robin Williams is Chris Neilson, a guy who dies and goes to heaven (which is an amazing place). But suddenly he misses his wife. Then the wife commits suicide and goes to hell, so Chris decides to find her. And it’s all downhill from here. Overlong and pointless (unless you dig the idea of reincarnation). I wonder why Williams got himself mixed up with this in the first place.

Rating: 1.5/4

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  1. naaah i love this one, weird,not so pointless i believe, then again i love the reincarnation thingy :p i’d give it a 2.5 – 1.5 is too low ya Anis!

    • hehe it’s one of those Love it or hate it films. I love Robin Williams, but this movie was pushing it. I got bored :p shu ba3mol haha

  2. hahaha eh mech be idak, well i loved the fact that he found her again and the painting was good, surreal a bit, maybe that’s what i liked about it, yi i love patch adams kamen yalla review it tanshouf :p oh and forrest gump kamen, i’d love to know ur opinion abt them, yala Anis shou 3andak :p

    • haha well patch adams was one of the first Robin williams movies I’ve ever seen. I was around 10 back then. I really liked it. But I havent seen it since! Forrest Gump is a classic! Tom Hanks is the man! I should review this one

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