The Twenty-First Century

The Lovely Bones [2009]

I wish this movie was better than it really was. The trailer gave me high hopes, so you can imagine how diasappointed I was once it ended. The story focuses on a young girl, who is brutally raped and murdered. From heaven, she keeps watching over her grieving family as well as her killer (Stanley Tucci in a chilling role). So far so good. But then the story drifts away from its main issue to focus on how cool it is to die young and go to heaven. And that’s basically what ruined the whole movie for me. Showing the positive sides of dying in the hands of a child molester made me want to puke.

Even so, “The Lovely Bones” remains entirely watchable, with good performances all around. And it’s not everyday that you get to see Stanley Tucci as a bad guy.

Rating: 2.5/4

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  1. Well i didn’t see it from your pt of view, in fact i loved it, it showed the dead’s person side for once, torn btw moving on (with whatever) and the life she had to leave sooner than expected. it’s weird, i loved how the story wasnt abt solving the murder case but about being in between. it’s 3.5 for me, i’d watch it over and over again. new concept. it wasn’t cool to diet young and go to heaven, it was about the transition of dying from an ugly murder, wanting to let you, yet seeing the family dying as well

    • I like ur interpretation. But I still wish the movie was better than it was. I loved Stanley Tucci’s performance, and Im a huge fan of Mark Walhberg, but i wasnt entirely satisfied by it. I felt disconnected at some point. Still worth watching in my opinion. The girl did a great job aswell.

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