The Twenty-First Century

Splice [2010]

 Disturbing sci-fi movie about two genetic engineers who decide to use human DNA in order to create new hybrids. The result is an incredible creature called Dren. But is she as harmless as she appears to be? Obviously not. After a promising start, the movie becomes predictable until it reaches a silly conclusion. Still, it has some good moments, but not enough to make it a winner.

Rating: 2.5/4

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  1. disturbing especially when he couldn’t keep it in anymore :p i mean the splicy thingy was kinda his kid!! blekh :p i thought it was going to be a winner at first, fa2asne

      • yea true, thanks for commenting back:p ill probably continue tomoro after work :p hahaha u shouldn’t have made this lovely blog cz im practically living here :p

      • hehe this blog is a dream come true. I love discussing movies, and it took me a while to finally decide to create my own blog, and im glad I did! Stay tuned for more akid :p

  2. well u have a devoted fan now, seret betzakar movies to tell u to review :p pelican brief, the devil’s advocate, mary reilly, dying young, aaah scent of a woman, 7 yrs in tibet, w fi ktir cast away, bucket list, se7en, million $ baby :p hehehe do your work, u have obligations :O :p thx either way 🙂

    • hehe ur right i should write about these movies. i love cast away and seven years in tibet. Al pacino was terrific in scent of a woman and the devil’s advocate. The pelican brief is good kamen. huge fan of denzel washington. Clind eastwood estez kamen :p the list goes on and on!!

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