Valkyrie [2008]

Interesting slice of German history about an army officer named Colonel Claus Van Stauffenberg (well played by Tom Cruise) who is convinced that Germany must rid itself of Adolphe Hitler after things got out of control during the events of world war 2. He is recruited by German […]

Che [2008]

Never expect too much from a movie, otherwise you might end up disappointed, or in my case, frustrated. From the moment I heard that Benicio Del Toro was playing the role of Ernesto Che Guevara, I knew it was going to be big. Boy was I wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, […]

What Dreams May Come [1998]

I  really wanted to write a positive review about “What Dreams May Come”, but truth be told, I couldn’t. It may be visually impressive (the special effects won an oscar), but the story is so damn confusing and awfully boring that I couldn’t care less about the characters. Robin […]

My Sister’s Keeper [2009]

“Most babies are accidents. Not me. I was engineered. Born to save my sister’s life. ” Good, solid drama about a family who decide to conceive a genetically engineered child for the purpose of using her stem cells to save their eldest daugher from cancer. Daring subject, difficult […]

Wall Street [1987]

A young stockbroker eager to get on top becomes the apprentice (so to speak) of a greedy and ruthless broker in this powerful movie directed by Oliver Stone. Michael Douglas gives a fine performance in his oscar winning role as Gorkon Gekko, the man who believes that “greed is […]

Dinner For Shmucks [2010]

” These people  invited us here to make fun of us; this is a contest for the biggest idiot-which I nailed!” If you’re familiar with the french movie “Le Diner De Cons”, then you probably have an idea of what to expect here. But even so, the american version differs greatly from […]

The Other Guys [2010]

  “You have the right to remain silent… but I want to hear you scream! “ And I thought Will Ferell has lost his touch after last year’s mediocre flick “Land Of The Lost”. But he’s still here, doing what he does best. This time around, he teams up […]