The Other Guys [2010]

  “You have the right to remain silent… but I want to hear you scream! “ And I thought Will Ferell has lost his touch after last year’s mediocre flick “Land Of The Lost”. But he’s still here, doing what he does best. This time around, he teams up […]

Charlie St.Cloud [2010]

Good to see Zac Efron putting his High School Musical days behind. But there’s still something missing. In Charlie St Cloud, he takes on a much more serious role: the role of a young man who just lost his brother in a terrible car accident. He must now […]

The Expendables [2010]

Epic failure. You’d think that with a cast like that, nothing could go wrong. Think again. Let me tell you what went wrong here: there’s not enough action scenes, the story is mediocre at best, and I’ve never seen a dialogue as cheesy as this one (What doesn’t kill […]

Piranha [2010]

“Piranha” is the most enjoyable piece of crap I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not meant to be good, and I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be in the first place. It’s strictly a B movie, nothing fancy or anything, but if you know exactly what to expect […]

Jennifer’s Body [2009]

 The folks who made this movie didn’t care whether you end up loving it or hating it. They just wanted to make a decent profit. So all they had to do was cast Megan Fox as a possessed chearleader, throw in a couple of lesbian scenes, and voila. […]

Fargo [1996]

“You’re a smooth smoothie, you know?” Excellent Coen brothers movie about a car salesman who hire two thugs to kidnap his wife, in order to collect the ransom money from her wealthy father. And that’s just the beginning! To reveal more about the story would be unthinkable. But […]

Vampires Suck [2010]

The good news: Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer’s latest movie is slightly better than all their previous crap (“Disaster Movie”, Epic Movie”, “Date Movie”…). Twilight haters might get a kick at some of the jokes here, and Matt Lander makes a good impression as the dreadful Rob Pattinson. […]