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Damn good!

Frozen [2013] ★★★

Disney’s take on  Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” is a tuneful, entertaining, great looking animated feature that will capture the hearts of young kids and adult movie buffs alike (that would be me). All the classic Disney ingredients are here: a heroine we can root for, an unlikely hero […]

Ghadi [2013] ★★★

As a writer, actor and observer of Lebanese way of life, Georges Khabbaz just keeps getting better and better. Now he offers us “Ghadi”, a remarkably entertaining and thoughtful movie, and a solid feature debut behind the camera for Amin Dora, who directed the series “Shankaboot” a few […]

Captain Phillips [2013]

“Captain Phillips” stars Tom Hanks, whose name cannot be uttered without thinking of the Academy Awards. Fair enough. He’s one of the best actors of his generation. Now he’s teaming up with director Paul Greengrass (“The Bourne Trilogy”, “United 93”) to tell a story that made global headlines […]

The Best Offer [2013] ★★★

Art, Mystery, obsession , betrayal. That’s “The Best Offer”, a Hitchcockian film that gets in your head and stays there. Geoffrey Rush, erasing all memories of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” series, delivers yet another memorable performance as Virgil Oldman, an art auctioneer who is well-known in the art […]

Disconnect [2013] ★★★

Here’s a cautionary tale that starts in your face, and keeps coming at you right through the closing credits. That’s no easy achievement, especially when it’s a movie that deals with the dangers of social media (you heard me). In the style of “Magnolia”, “Crash” and “Babel”, first time […]

The Way Way Back [2013] ★★★

How do you take a familiar premise and turn it into one of the most enjoyable indie movies of the year? For answers, see the engaging new comedy “The Way Way Back” which introduces Liam James and Sam Rockwell (“Matchstick Men”, “Moon”) as you’ve never seen him before. Nat Faxon and […]

About Time [2013] ★★★

There’s no reason “About Time” should play as well as it does; it’s formulaic and predictable. But it flows so well, and the cast is so likable, that it’s hard to resist. As a writer, director and observer of relationships, Richard Curtis (“Notting Hill, “Love Actually”) just keeps getting better and […]