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Oculus [2014] ★★

Here’s a hit and miss horror film that doesn’t live up to its potential. Why? Because director Mike Flanagan wastes a solid premise with repetitive cliché. Damn shame, I really wanted to like this one. The setup is achingly familiar: when brother/sister Tim (Brendon Thwaites) and Kaylie (Karen Gillan) […]

Rio 2 [2014] ★★

The first “Rio” was a huge hit and one of my favorite animated movies of 2011. But even animation isn’t immune to the greed that drives Hollywood studios nowadays. That’s how an imaginative feature has managed to spawn a pointless sequel. The first film had everything going for […]

That Awkward Moment [2014] ★★

You can tell “That Awkward Moment” is cheesy and predictable from watching the trailer. There’s Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller (so good in “The Spectacular Now”) doing sitcom shticks as twenty something best buds who decide a marathon of one-night stands is what they need. No relationships […]

Need For Speed [2014] ★★

Aaron Paul can act. If you want proof, check him out in the little seen “Smashed” or the hit series “Breaking Bad”. That said, I don’t think he belongs in “Need For Speed”, the big screen adaptation of the famous video game. As a Twitter user, I could […]

Divergent [2014] ★★

Having suffered through “The Host” and “The Mortal Instruments” last year, I wasn’t eager to see yet another movie based on a best selling book. The only reason I had any hope was the presence of Shailene Woodley (“The Descendants”, “The Spectacular Now”) in the leading role—and indeed, […]

3 Days To Kill [2014] ★★

Luc Besson movies tend to be, well not so great. If you’re still enthused about his 1994 film “Leon”, my apologies. I’m not. In his latest film, directed by McG, Kevin Costner plays an international spy who tries to build a closer relationship with his family when he […]

Pompeii [2014] ★★

What can you say about a movie that stars Kiefer Sutherland as a cruel Roman Senator? Some viewers (including me) may have silliness on their minds and I don’t blame them. I even felt a certain amount of wrath over the cheesy 3D effects, but the film itself […]