Category: 2.5/4


The Giver [2014] ★★½

Enthralling and frustrating…grandiose and gimmicky. “The Giver” is all of these and more. It’s always interesting to watch filmmakers you admire take on the impossible. Lois Lowry’s Newberry Award-winning 1993 novel is a tough book to translate onscreen. And nobody makes it to the top. A story about a future […]

Lucy [2014] ★★½

“Lucy” is exactly what you would expect from a Luc Besson movie: it moves like a bullet, and almost never stops to take a deep breath (hence the short running time). This is beneficial, because the story doesn’t always make sense…but when a film is this energetic and […]

The Philosophers [2014] ★★½

“The Philosophers” is provocative and interesting, so while it may be far from perfect, it’s not a movie I could easily dismiss. Writer/director John Huddles opens on a intriguing note, heads in unexpected directions, and ruins the fun in the final act. No worries. Until then, the film […]

Cold In July [2014] ★★½

With multiplexes crammed with Box office monsters, this little-hyped thriller emerges as a dark-horse winner by reminding us of how pleasurably exciting a popcorn movie can be when it’s populated by actors who are in it for more than a ridiculous fee. I’m talking about Michael C. Hall (from […]

Jersey Boys [2014] ★★½

Every Clint Eastwood picture brings its great expectations, and rightly so. Which is why I was a bit disappointed with his latest effort “Jersey Boys”, a big screen adaption of the Broadway show of the same name, about the rise and fall of the popular 60’s band “The […]