Category: 1.5/4


Annie [2014] ★½

What a disaster. Jamie Foxx is such a fine actor that matching him up with Quvenzhané Wallis (who was Oscar nominated for her role in 2012’s “Beasts of the Southern Wild” at the age of 9) to modernize the beloved stage musical “Annie” sounds promising. On paper. What’s onscreen feels squeezed, dull […]

Ouija [2014] ★½

“Ouija” is the latest in a long line of “scary kids” movies like “Children of the Damned”, “The Ring”, and even “The Grudge”. So you have to admire filmmakers who can pretend that these movies never existed as hit films or as spawners of multiple ripoffs.The silly plot follows a young […]

Repentance [2014] ★½

Forest Whitaker was so good in his Oscar winning performance in “The Last King Of Scotland” so why did he go and spoil everything with a cheesy thriller that buries him in endless clichés? I’d call this turd “Misery” meets “Psycho” but that would insult those movies. Much like “No Good Deed” (another […]

Rio, I Love You [2014] ★½

Dull follow-up to “Paris Je T’aime” and “New York I Love You” offers a range of episodes set in the Brazilian city of Rio De Janero, mostly dealing with encounter of love in a different neighborhood of the city. Most of them are slight and boring; these vignettes about […]

Dracula Untold [2014] ★½

It’s been a horrible year for classic “Universal” monsters. First “I, Frankenstein” back in January and now “Dracula Untold”, which tells the story of Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans), before and after his days as the famous vampire monster. The movie has its moments, but the overall result […]

And So It Goes [2014] ★½

If you admire such films as “This Is Spinal Tap”, “Stand By Me” and “The Princess Bride” as I do, you’ll be rooting for director Rob Reiner to score another bull’s-eye with his latest effort. But it’s clear pretty early on that “And so it Goes” is a muddled misfire: […]

No Good Deed [2014] ★½

If you’re wondering why most studios dump their worst movies in September, buy a ticket to see “No Good Deed”, the latest crap from director Sam Miller. Meanwhile, here’s a memo to Taraji P. Henson: You were so good as Queenie in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” , so why’d […]

The November Man [2014] ★½

Wanna see a spy thriller that feels like leftovers from Pierce Brosnan’s days as James Bond? If so,”The November Man” is the movie for you. Brosnan plays an ex-CIA agent named Devereaux, who is pulled back into service by his old mates for one “final” mission and winds […]

Sex Tape [2014] ★½

“Sex Tape” is the kind of movie that gives sex comedies a bad name. I won’t dwell on its one-joke premise, in which a married couple make a sex tape and then realize that it’s spreading like wildfire to a multitude of iPads they’ve recently given to friends and family. Nor […]