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Grace Of Monaco [2014] ★½

Shush. Do you hear that? That’s Grace Kelly turning in her grave. Kelly, a former actress turned Princess, is one of the most iconic women of the 20th Century, if not the greatest. But telling her story is no easy achievement. Enter French director Olivier Dahan, who brought […]

Son Of God [2014] ★½

It’s difficult to review a movie like “Son Of God”. Some people may question my intentions, but I’m not here to start a religious debate. I’m here to review a film, and as a film “Son Of God” can only be described as a misfire. Writer/director Christopher Spencer […]

Reasonable Doubt [2014] ★½

In this boring thriller, district attorney Dominic Cooper (a decent actor) commits a fatal hit and run after a night of drinking. When Clinton (Samuel L. Jackson), a man who lost his wife and child in a deadly home invasion, is charged with killing the man Dominic struck, […]

Filth [2013] ★½

Nothing against James McAvoy (who was good in so many movies) or his director Jon S. Baid, but my patience drowned while trying to swallow this atrocity. McAvoy plays a self-obsessed bipolar detective who hallucinates, blackmails, boozes and drugs his way around Edinburgh, trying to solve a murder […]

Ride Along [2014] ★½

The first comedy of the year has a damn fine chance of being the worst. “Ride Along” isn’t just a lousy comedy flick, it should numb the brains of moviegoers of all sexes and ages. Before you start hating, I think you should know that I’ve got nothing […]

The Legend Of Hercules [2014] ★½

Another January dud. After last week’s horrible “Paranormal Activity”, “The Legend of Hercules” thinks it’s “Gladiator”. Talk about delusional. This is basically the story of Hercules (played by a dreadful Kellan Lutz), son of Zeus, who was betrayed by his stepfather the King and how he embarked on […]

Hours [2013] ★½

Paul Walker’s final movie before his tragic death at the age of 40 takes place during Hurricane Katrina. He plays a New Orleans man stuck in an abandoned hospital after his wife dies in childbirth. For hours (hence the title) he awaits help while his little girl breathes only […]

The Counselor [2013] ★½

Ridley Scott does a fine job with”Prometheus” and decides to follow it up with what? This horrible mess. Yikes! Michael Fassbender (“Shame”, “Hunger”) plays the title role, a successful lawyer who finds himself in hot water when he makes a deal with Javier Bardem (clueless) that involves drugs […]