Category: 1.5/4


Ride Along [2014] ★½

The first comedy of the year has a damn fine chance of being the worst. “Ride Along” isn’t just a lousy comedy flick, it should numb the brains of moviegoers of all sexes and ages. Before you start hating, I think you should know that I’ve got nothing […]

The Legend Of Hercules [2014] ★½

Another January dud. After last week’s horrible “Paranormal Activity”, “The Legend of Hercules” thinks it’s “Gladiator”. Talk about delusional. This is basically the story of Hercules (played by a dreadful Kellan Lutz), son of Zeus, who was betrayed by his stepfather the King and how he embarked on […]

Hours [2013] ★½

Paul Walker’s final movie before his tragic death at the age of 40 takes place during Hurricane Katrina. He plays a New Orleans man stuck in an abandoned hospital after his wife dies in childbirth. For hours (hence the title) he awaits help while his little girl breathes only […]

The Counselor [2013] ★½

Ridley Scott does a fine job with”Prometheus” and decides to follow it up with what? This horrible mess. Yikes! Michael Fassbender (“Shame”, “Hunger”) plays the title role, a successful lawyer who finds himself in hot water when he makes a deal with Javier Bardem (clueless) that involves drugs […]

Paranoia [2013] ★½

In a year of crappy movies, “Paranoia” wins the award for stupidest thriller I’ve seen in quite a while. It takes a bunch of talented people (with the exception of Liam Hemsworth who’s just awful to watch), drops them in a quicksand of clichés and watches them sink. That […]

Adore [2013] ★½

Embarrassingly bad drama set in Western Australia, where two best friends (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright) hook up with each other’s sons (say what?). Wright’s boy, Ian (Xavier Samuel), gets Watts in the sack first. Then Watts, angry as hell, thinks it’s only right to have sex with Wright’s […]

Curse Of Chucky [2013] ★½

Straight-to-DVD sequel finds Chucky (from the “Child’s Play” series) terrorizing yet another family on a stormy night. That creepy little doll is still fun to watch, even after all these years, but the film is utterly worthless until the final 15 minutes. Its unexpected finale saves it from […]

Runner Runner [2013] ★½

 It takes a certain misdirection to make the talent of a good cast (Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton) disappear right before your eyes. “Runner Runner”, clumsily directed by Brad Furman (“The Lincoln Lawyer“) from a lousy script by Brian Koppelman and David Levien does exactly that. […]

Kick- Ass 2 [2013] ★½

If you read the blog back in 2010 (I doubt it), you may understand why I wasn’t looking forward to this much-hyped sequel. I thought the first Kick- Ass movie was decent enough, but I can’t call myself a die-hard fan. I guess this is my way of […]