The Skin I Live In [2011]

Pedro Almodovar’s “The Skin I Live In”  is a twisted take on “Frankenstein” with a sexual angle. There’s the mad doctor, played by Antonio Banderas in one of his most chilling roles. Then there’s the victim, a suicidal patient whom we only see at first in a head […]

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy [2011]

Sorry haters. I don’t care how much you think director Tomas Alfredson (“Let The Right One In”) is working you over with this Cold War tale about a double agent inside MI6 selling out to the Russians. In adapting John Le Carré spy novel, Alfredson stays respectful but not […]

Intouchables [2011]

How often does a seemingly simple film capture the imagination of the world? “Intouchables” does, with originality and charm. It’s so vividly real and touching, that it holds you spellbound for two hours, with no letup. The movie was a smash hit in France,  with a staggering 5 million […]

The Artist [2011] ★★★★

My favorite movie of the year is not a blockbuster or a superhero movie or even Harry Potter. It’s a movie called “The Artist”, a black and white silent film with subtitles and all. In many ways-hell in all ways-“The Artist” is a stunningly beautiful film. There were […]

Submarine [2011]

I’ve seen so many coming of age films and enjoyed most of them. “Submarine”, written and directed by Richard Ayoade from Joe Dunthorne’s novel, is three-quarters of a very good indie movie. It’s a sharply written black comedy with an incredible eye for detail. The setting is Wales […]

Sleeping Beauty [2011]

Maybe you thought since Emily Browning (“Sucker Punch”) is naked most of the  time in “Sleeping Beauty” that the movie would be double the fun. No way Jose. On a scale of 1 to 10, “Sleeping Beauty” is a negative 10. A total bust, a stupefyingly unattractive erotic […]

Senna [2011]

Fantastic documentary chronicles the life and death of Formula one legend Ayrton Senna, from his days as a go-kart racer, to his debut as a professional driver, his rivalry with Alain Prost (that includes him winning the title three times), and ultimately his tragic death on May 1st […]

Heartbreaker [2010]

As someone who, swimming against the tide, doesn’t care much for french comedies, imagine my surprise to find “Heartbreaker” so damn entertaining. Here’s a movie that starts in your face, and surprisingly, keeps coming at you. That’s a good thing. It stars talented actor Romain Duris as a […]