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The Artist [2011] ★★★★

My favorite movie of the year is not a blockbuster or a superhero movie or even Harry Potter. It’s a movie called “The Artist”, a black and white silent film with subtitles and all. In many ways-hell in all ways-“The Artist” is a stunningly beautiful film. There were […]

Heartbreaker [2010]

As someone who, swimming against the tide, doesn’t care much for french comedies, imagine my surprise to find “Heartbreaker” so damn entertaining. Here’s a movie that starts in your face, and surprisingly, keeps coming at you. That’s a good thing. It stars talented actor Romain Duris as a […]

Sarah’s Key [2011]

A deeply touching human story filled with emotions and heartbreak is rare in any movie season, especially summer. That’s what makes “Sarah’s Key” an exhilarating gift. It’s one of the year’s nicest surprises, and I hope moviegoers will find a reason to watch it, despite the fact that […]

Certified Copy [2010]

What we have here is a story of two people driving around Tuscani, talking, talking and talking about very little. Now I don’t usually have a problem with that, as long as it keeps me awake and interested. Afterall, I’m a huge fan of Woody Allen, and we […]

A Prophet [2009]

Fantastic movie about a young arab man (Tahar Rahim) who is sent to a french prison, where he befriends a mafia kingpin called Cesare Luciani. Luciani forces him to commit a terrible crime (which haunts him through the whole film), and then gives him support and protection in his gang. […]

Coco Before Chanel [2009]

Interesting look at the life of “Coco Chanel” before she became the legendary coutourier who inspired a generation of women, and became a symbol of “style” and “freedom”. Audrey Tautou is well cast as the title role, and she is surrounded by plenty of colourful characters aswell. This biography […]