Category: thriller

No Good Deed [2014] ★½

If you’re wondering why most studios dump their worst movies in September, buy a ticket to see “No Good Deed”, the latest crap from director Sam Miller. Meanwhile, here’s a memo to Taraji P. Henson: You were so good as Queenie in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” , so why’d […]

3 Days To Kill [2014] ★★

Luc Besson movies tend to be, well not so great. If you’re still enthused about his 1994 film “Leon”, my apologies. I’m not. In his latest film, directed by McG, Kevin Costner plays an international spy who tries to build a closer relationship with his family when he […]

In Fear [2013] ★★½

Two people find themselves lost in a maze of backwoods roads. If you ask why, “In Fear” is so not the movie for you. Logic goes south the minute Tom persuades his girlfriend Lucy to go on their first weekend getaway as a couple. Bam! They’re lost in […]

Reasonable Doubt [2014] ★½

In this boring thriller, district attorney Dominic Cooper (a decent actor) commits a fatal hit and run after a night of drinking. When Clinton (Samuel L. Jackson), a man who lost his wife and child in a deadly home invasion, is charged with killing the man Dominic struck, […]

Non-Stop [2014] ★★½

In “Taken”, Liam Neeson played a former CIA operative who was able to outsmart a sex trafficking ring when his daughter was kidnapped. Audiences (including me) responded well to his take-charge character. His latest film, “Non-Stop”, by Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra (who previously worked with Neeson on “Unknown”) […]

Carrie [2013] ★★

There are cellphones and YouTube videos in this reboot of Stephen King’s “Carrie”. But basically audiences will mostly divide along two lines: those who think director Kimberly Peirce (“Boys Don’t Cry”) has no business remaking Brian De Palma’s 1976 movie, and those who never heard of De Palma’s […]

Paranoia [2013] ★½

In a year of crappy movies, “Paranoia” wins the award for stupidest thriller I’ve seen in quite a while. It takes a bunch of talented people (with the exception of Liam Hemsworth who’s just awful to watch), drops them in a quicksand of clichés and watches them sink. That […]

Killing Season [2013] ★½

Some people think Robert De Niro and John Travolta in one movie would be a kick to watch. Not a chance. “Killing Season” defines the word “boring”. Travolta, with an Eastern European accent, a shaved head and bizarre, ugly facial hair plays a member of the Serbian Scorpions. In […]