Category: sci-fi

Transcendence [2014]

For a variety of reasons, I had low expectations for this Sci-Fi movie starring Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany. As it turns out, the film was worse than I expected. Much much worse. Last month I saw “Divergent”. I thought the problem with that […]

Divergent [2014] ★★

Having suffered through “The Host” and “The Mortal Instruments” last year, I wasn’t eager to see yet another movie based on a best selling book. The only reason I had any hope was the presence of Shailene Woodley (“The Descendants”, “The Spectacular Now”) in the leading role—and indeed, […]

Ender’s Game [2013] ★★

I don’t know what “Ender’s Game” purists would make of this big screen adaptation, but as someone who has never read the book, I wasn’t impressed with the overall result. This is not to say that the movie doesn’t have impressive visuals. The futuristic settings, costumes and overall […]

Her [2013] ★★★½

Yes, this is the movie where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a machine. No, this is not a movie you should rush to avoid. Screenwriting this smart, inventive and passionate is a rare species these days. So all praise to Spike Jonze, who wrote and directed his […]

Gravity [2013] ★★★½

Question: How do you transform a simple story about survival into one of the most dazzling movies you’ll see this year? You call Alfonso Cuaron, the director of “Children of Men”, who turns it into a magnificent and moving experience. Cuaron’s use of 3D to tell the story […]

Pacific Rim [2013] ★★★

Granted, Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” is not a work of art like his Oscar-winning Pan’s Labyrinth. But his latest Hollywood blockbuster sure is a surprise package of fun, fright and stunning visuals. For starters, it pays homage to such classic era monsters movies as “Godzilla” (1954). The […]

World War Z [2013] ★★★

I’m a bit late coming to this movie (blame it on surgery), but having heard good buzz I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it.  I can’t call “World War Z” a feel good movie. In fact, you won’t want to be feeling anything after seeing this […]

After Earth [2013] ★★

90 minutes may feel like 90 days in this slow and sometimes painfully boring post-apocalyptic movie from director M. Night Shyamalan, the perpetrator of such terrible films as “Lady in the Water”, “The Happening” and (oh dear Lord) “The Last Airbender”. In “After Earth”, Will Smith plays Cypher, […]

Star Trek: Into Darkness [2013] ★★★½

Summer season is officially on with “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, a spectacular follow up to the 2009 movie starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and directed by J.J Abrams.  I couldn’t be more surprised. After six TV series and 10 movies, the franchise has been milked so hard, it’s a wonder […]