Category: horror

Crimson Peak [2015] ★★★

It’s not director Guillermo’s Del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth” or the superior “The Devil’s Backbone”, but this stylishly made Gothic tale has enough mystery and suspense to haunt your dreams. The title refers to a haunted house on top of a mountain of blood-red clay. But before that, we meet Edith […]

Pay The Ghost [2015] ★

A crappy Halloween movie starring Nicolas Cage is the last thing you needed this season. Cage plays a professor who finds himself hopelessly searching for his missing son who was abducted during a Halloween parade by an ugly entity. The real ugly entity is the movie itself, a terrible horror nonsense with […]

The Visit [2015] ★★½

After years of making terrible misfires (“Lady in the Water”, “The Happening”, “After Earth” and oh God “The Last Airbender”), it’s so good to finally see the real M. Night Shyamalan back. Well…kind of. His latest effort, “The Visit”, is far from being an original, but it knows […]

The Black Cat [1934] ★★★

 One of my favorite Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff horror movies. In the 1930’s, Universal was the ultimate home of horror, and “The Black Cat” finally brought together the studio’s two great horror stars, Boris Karloff aka The Frankenstein monster, and Bela Lugosi aka Count Dracula, for the first of seven […]

The Gallows [2015] ★★

 Prepare your Dramamine and get ready for another “found-footage” horror movie that doesn’t add much to the genre, despite an intriguing premise. A group of friends decide to break into their high school at night and sabotage the stage where a deadly freak accident took place twenty years […]

Insidious: Chapter 3 [2015] ★½

I’m calling bullshit on “Insidious 3”. Ten minutes into this cash in “prequel” (because let’s face it: it has no reason to exist), I knew it would suck. But I had no idea it would suck this bad. Director Leigh Whannell, in for the gifted James Wan (if you haven’t seen […]

The Lazarus Effect [2015] ★

Here’s a horror flick about bringing the dead back to life (how original!). Mark Duplass (“The One I Love”), in mad-professor mode, wants to perform this procedure on his dead girlfriend (Olivia Wilde), with disastrous consequences (pun intended). Director David Gelb, in his feature debut, is transparently trying to rip off  every […]

Poltergeist [2015] ★★

Do we really need a remake of Tobe Hooper’s 1982 horror classic that spawned several sequels? Not really. But the people behind this remake knew that a few more bucks could be squeezed out of the Bowen family, whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. You know the drill, unless […]