Category: fantasy

Pan [2015] ★½

 Five reasons why “Pan” is a stinker: 1-Joe Wright, who directed such good movies as “Pride and Prejudice” and “Atonement”, put his actors in front of a blank screen and filled the rest digitally. That’s not always a bad thing, but in Pan’s case, the actors, from Levi […]

Cinderella [2015] ★★★

I didn’t expect to like the live-action version of “Cinderella” as much as I did. I love Disney and their classic animated movies but I’m not a huge fan of their live-action films (“Alice in Wonderland” and “Maleficent”, to name a few). In an era of movie redundancy and […]

Into The Woods [2014] ★★

 As a long time fan of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales, I had high hopes for this elaborate musical adaptation (which in turn is based on a Broadway play). I’m sorry to report that I came away disappointed. It would take a lot to completely spoil the original material, […]

Dracula Untold [2014] ★½

It’s been a horrible year for classic “Universal” monsters. First “I, Frankenstein” back in January and now “Dracula Untold”, which tells the story of Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans), before and after his days as the famous vampire monster. The movie has its moments, but the overall result […]

The Philosophers [2014] ★★½

“The Philosophers” is provocative and interesting, so while it may be far from perfect, it’s not a movie I could easily dismiss. Writer/director John Huddles opens on a intriguing note, heads in unexpected directions, and ruins the fun in the final act. No worries. Until then, the film […]

Maleficent [2014] ★★

Few filmmakers can frame a film with the visionary flair of Oscar winner Robert Stromberg, who worked on the amazing “Pan’s Labyrinth”  and “The Hunger Games”. As a result, “Maleficent” (Angelina Jolie’s major comeback since 2010’s “The Tourist”)- a spin on Sleeping Beauty for audiences who really think […]

47 Ronin [2013] ★★

Keanu Reeves keeps telling us that his career is not dead and buried just yet. He directed and starred in his own martial art movie “Man Of Tai Chi” earlier this year (which sucked by the way) and now he’s in a sloppy big budget fantasy adventure film […]