Category: comedy

Hope Springs [2012] ★★★

People over 60 talking about sex and — yikes! — having it! Welcome to “Hope Springs”, a comedy drama that qualifies as a waking nightmare for teens and infantile men whose definition of “hot” hovers around women in their 20’s. Screw them. In this delightful movie from director David Frankel […]

To Rome With Love [2012] ★★½

There’s nothing really wrong with a Woody Allen movie set in the Eternal city, but there’s nothing really right about it either. I had a few problems with his latest film “To Rome with Love”, but I had a good time watching it and sometimes, that’s what really […]

The Watch [2012] ★★

I love Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. These guys are funny. So why isn’t “The Watch” any good? Start with the silly premise: Suburban husband Stiller manages a Costco, where one his employees is  murdered one night in a highly mysterious manner. The local police are morons, so […]

The Campaign [2012] ★★½

Will Ferrell is the go-to guy if you want to laugh your-self silly. He could just stand there staring at you and get you giggling. Then there’s Zach  Galifianakis, a smart actor with a natural clown’s gift for playing dumb. Both actors rip off each other with inspired lunacy in […]

Ted [2012] ★★★

Sometimes a comedy movie just clicks. Welcome to one of those times. “Ted”, from director Seth MacFarlane (the wacky dude  behind TV’s “Family Guy”) fires off big, fat, raucous laughs as if it had an endless supply. It doesn’t. The film limps a bit in the final stretch and doesn’t […]

2 Days In New York [2012] ★★½

Amusing but uneven follow-up to the 2007 movie “2 Days In Paris” finds Julie Delpy’s family coming to visit her and her boyfriend (Chris Rock) in New York.  We previously met Delpy’s character Marion in the first movie, in which she traveled to Paris with her American boyfriend Jack […]