Category: biopic

Son Of God [2014] ★½

It’s difficult to review a movie like “Son Of God”. Some people may question my intentions, but I’m not here to start a religious debate. I’m here to review a film, and as a film “Son Of God” can only be described as a misfire. Writer/director Christopher Spencer […]

Kill Your Darlings [2013] ★★½

“Fuck you! You’re a phony”.That trash talk is aimed at Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan) by Daniel Radcliffe, in fierce, flamboyant form as the young poet Allen Ginsberg, a Columbia freshman in 1944. Ginsberg falls under the spell of the charismatic Carr and along with Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) […]

The Butler [2013] ★★½

I have great regards for director Lee Daniels (“Precious”), which pains me to say that I found “The Butler” incredibly uneven. It has many good attributes, including a superior performance by Oscar winner Forest Whitaker as the title role, but the movie itself seems to run out of […]

Diana [2013] ★★

Naomi Watts is not the first name that springs to mind as the embodiment of Lady Diana, the late princess of Wales, unlike, for instance, the role of Betty Elms in David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”. I give the actress credit for her commitment to this assignment, but she’s still […]

Lovelace [2013] ★★

The story of Linda Lovelace, the 1970’s porn star who achieved worldwide fame for her performance in “Deep Throat” may not be as familiar to the present generation as it was for the people who lived during that era. That places a great deal of pressure on the people behind this […]

Jobs [2013] ★★½

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs? Really? That was my first reaction when I first heard about “Jobs”, the latest biopic from director Joshua Michael Stern. But against all odds, Kutcher nails it. And his performance is the best, and possibly the main reason to see this uneven biopic. […]

The Iceman [2013] ★★★

Michael Shannon is on a roll: “Revolutionary Road”, “The Runaways”, “Take Shelter”, “Man Of Steel”. He’s a movie star with real acting talents, on full display in “The Iceman”. He deserves major recognition for playing notorious contract killer Richard Kuklinski, who murdered 100 men before his arrest in 1986. […]