Category: adventure

Pompeii [2014] ★★

What can you say about a movie that stars Kiefer Sutherland as a cruel Roman Senator? Some viewers (including me) may have silliness on their minds and I don’t blame them. I even felt a certain amount of wrath over the cheesy 3D effects, but the film itself […]

The Legend Of Hercules [2014] ★½

Another January dud. After last week’s horrible “Paranormal Activity”, “The Legend of Hercules” thinks it’s “Gladiator”. Talk about delusional. This is basically the story of Hercules (played by a dreadful Kellan Lutz), son of Zeus, who was betrayed by his stepfather the King and how he embarked on […]

47 Ronin [2013] ★★

Keanu Reeves keeps telling us that his career is not dead and buried just yet. He directed and starred in his own martial art movie “Man Of Tai Chi” earlier this year (which sucked by the way) and now he’s in a sloppy big budget fantasy adventure film […]

Thor: The Dark World [2013] ★★½

Thor’s second solo adventure (third in total with “The Avengers“) forces the audience to run an obstacle before the fun kicks in. The end result is an enjoyable but easily forgettable ride, because the story never really takes hold. It’s far from being a bad movie, but it’s not […]

The Lone Ranger [2013] ★★

It’s pointless to describe “The Lone Ranger” because even it doesn’t know what it wants to be. The result is a long, often confusing film with an underwhelming performance by Armie Hammer as the title character. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) wanted to have […]

Man Of Steel [2013] ★★★

Take a hike Brandon Routh, there’s a new Superman in town, and he’s younger, fiercer and stronger than ever before. Producer Christopher Nolan, who wrote the script with David Goyer, shows us a Superman caught in the act of inventing himself. The Man of Steel that Henry Cavill plays so […]

Iron Man 3 [2013] ★★★

Just when you wanted to forget all about the ”Iron Man” franchise (yes, part 2 sucked), along comes this primal blast of a second sequel, a potent reminder of what jazzed us about the first “Iron Man” film and the Marvel comics that inspired it. Must have been really hard coming up with […]