Category: action

I, Frankenstein [2014]

Here’s a shrieking bore of a January movie that’s meant to spice things up by casting Aaron Eckhart (a decent actor) as the classic Frankenstein monster. I’m calling bullshit. After an Ok prologue that pays homage (well not entirely) to the classic Mary Shelley story, this loud, noisy, […]

Machete Kills [2013] ★★

Welcome to B movie territory. The star of the show: Dany Trejo, who reprises his Machete role for yet another round. It’s a digital gorefest that expands on the fake trailer director Robert Rodriguez included in 2007’s “Planet Terror”. In part 1, Machete had to deal with Steven […]

Escape Plan [2013] ★★

It would be easy to write off “Escape Plan” as the testosterone heavy version of Clint Eastwood’s “Escape from Alcatraz” and let it go at that. But unlike “Alcatraz”, which was clever and highly entertaining, this one feels impure and stupefyingly simple. Yet things begin promisingly well with Stallone […]

Man Of Tai Chi [2013] ★★

Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut is a mediocre…wait for it…martial arts movie. Now there’s an original idea. Such a movie is “Man of Tai Chi”, an alternatively kick-ass and clumsy piece of junk that might satisfy fans of the genre and turn off pretty much everyone else. Reeves also […]

Rush [2013] ★★★½

Nothing heats up the fall season like a Formula One movie directed by non other than Ron Howard (“Frost/Nixon”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Apollo 13”) . “Rush”, starring Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) and Daniel Bruhl (in a performance of a lifetime) is a knockout. At first, you’d think a […]

Empire State [2013]

Welcome to Dwayne Johnson’s 100th movie of the year (I’m not really sure about the number but who’s counting?). He plays a cop who tries to stop a couple of morons (that would be the dreadful Liam Hemsworth and Michael Angarano) from robbing an armored car company. That’s it […]

Getaway [2013]

Do not confuse this terrible mess with Steve McQueen’s classic movie “The Getaway”. This loud, ugly film made my ears hurt. Which leads me to this: why in hell do Hollywood studios always choose September to bury their misfires? They must think we won’t notice, distracted by the summer […]

Kick- Ass 2 [2013] ★½

If you read the blog back in 2010 (I doubt it), you may understand why I wasn’t looking forward to this much-hyped sequel. I thought the first Kick- Ass movie was decent enough, but I can’t call myself a die-hard fan. I guess this is my way of […]

2 Guns [2013] ★★

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are a pleasure to watch in almost anything. But they’re both too good for a standard-issue action movie like “2 Guns”. I had a good time watching it, I can’t deny that, but the movie is full of possibilities and it sucks that […]