Category: The Twenty-First Century

The Lovely Bones [2009]

I wish this movie was better than it really was. The trailer gave me high hopes, so you can imagine how diasappointed I was once it ended. The story focuses on a young girl, who is brutally raped and murdered. From heaven, she keeps watching over her grieving […]

Antichrist [2009]

One of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. Agonizing to watch and painfully disturbing. The two leads try their best but it’s not enough. Some scenes are too violent to digest and the overall result is a mess. I couldn’t remember the last time I […]

Dear John [2010]

If I had to write a letter for John expressing my feelings towards this movie, this it what I would write: Dear John, Your movie sucks. Sincerely, The guy who just suffered through 2 hours of pain. Rating: 1.5/4

Creation [2009]

Interesting look at Charles Darwin’s struggle with God and himself when he decided to write his book about the origin of species. Paul Bettany gives a fine performance, but the movie is uneven and slow at times. Nevertheless, its still worth checking out simply for curiosity purpose. Rating:  […]