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Oxygen [2021] ★★½

If you’re familiar with movies like “Buried” (starring Ryan Reynolds) and the superior “127 Hours” (starring James Franco), then you probably know what to expect from Netflix’s latest french Sci-Fi thriller “Oxygen”. Melanie Laurent commands the screen as a woman who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with […]

Netflix Movies Worth Streaming

The Boys in the Band [2020] This hidden gem from Netflix is based on a Pulitzer prize-winning play from the 1960’s that still resonates even in 2020. I do suspect that no screen adaptation can do any stage play justice, but with a cast that features Jim Parsons, […]

Stowaway [2021] ★★

This slow, often intriguing space drama from writer/director Joe Penna could have and should have been more tense. After a terribly dull opening sequence, “Stowaway” tries to convince you that you’re in for something special. No luck. Toni Collette leads a solid cast that features Anna Kendrick and […]

My Favorite Movies Of 2020

10- Pieces of a Woman “Pieces of a Woman” is a movie that is difficult to review, and, at times, difficult to watch. But if anyone will remember it, it would be for its long opening sequence of a woman giving birth. It’s an incredible scene, fiercely acted […]

Minari [2020] ★★★½

This Oscar-nominated family saga is beautifully made, and features genuine performances by Steven Yeun and Yeri Han. The plot is simple enough: a Korean family relocates to a farm in 1980’s Arkansas. The wife is sceptical, but her husband is convinced that this could be the start of […]

Love And Monsters [2020] ★★★

You’d think with so many post-apocalyptic movies out there (and the fact that we live in one), there wouldn’t be any room left for something original. Ok, “Love and Monsters” isn’t entirely original (it feels like a cross between “Zombieland” and “War of the Worlds”), but it’s fast-paced […]