Category: 80’s TO DATE

The Messenger [2009]

   Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson are both excellent in this drama about 2 soldiers who are assigned to bring the bad news to the families of fallen soldiers. Powerful subject, hard to stomach at times, but extremely well done and very moving.  Harrelson has never been better […]

Killers [2010]

Ashton Kutcher gives one of his worst performances in one of the most dreadful movies I’ve seen this year. Even Tom Selleck couldn’t save this from being a complete waste of time. Katherine Heigl left Grey’s Anatomy to focus on her movie career; so far it’s not looking […]

Alice In Wonderland [2010]

 I wonder if Tim Burton has lost his mind. His version of “Alice In Wonderland” is a fine example of that.  Wonderland is no longer a beautiful place here, instead it looks more like a nightmare that refuses to end. What a shame. All those wonderful characters from […]

Fantastic Mr. Fox [2009]

There’s something fantastic about this movie. I found myself completely drawn into Mr Fox”s world and it’s all because of Wes Anderson’s amazing imagination. Fans of his earlier work won’t have a problem enjoying this one. Plus it features his regular cast that includes Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jason Shwartzman […]

The Lovely Bones [2009]

I wish this movie was better than it really was. The trailer gave me high hopes, so you can imagine how diasappointed I was once it ended. The story focuses on a young girl, who is brutally raped and murdered. From heaven, she keeps watching over her grieving […]