Category: 80’s TO DATE

Coco Before Chanel [2009]

Interesting look at the life of “Coco Chanel” before she became the legendary coutourier who inspired a generation of women, and became a symbol of “style” and “freedom”. Audrey Tautou is well cast as the title role, and she is surrounded by plenty of colourful characters aswell. This biography […]

Julie And Julia [2009]

Delightful movie based on 2 true stories about a woman (Amy Adams) who decides to cook all 524 recipes in Jula Child’s book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. The result is a delicious 2 hour long movie filled with humour, good food and terrific acting. Meryl Streep […]

Invictus [2009]

Clint Eastwood is a genius. Being a fan of his work for many years now, I always expect something good every time he releases a new movie. “Invictus” is another fine example of how brilliant that guy really is. It’s a movie that has a lot to offer. […]

Frost/Nixon [2008]

I had high expectations for “Frost/Nixon” and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I even got more than I wished for: an amazing 2 hours of brilliant filmmaking. Frank Langhella plays president Richard Nixon who got caught up in the watergate scandal and was forced to resign from his […]

The Town [2010] ★★★½

“The Town” is by far one of the best movies of the year. It’s a clever, well directed film, with a solid cast and story; I couldn’t ask for more. I loved Ben Affleck’s directorial debut “Gone Baby Gone”, but he outdid himself here. What’s more, he gives […]

The Hole [2010]

Lame “horror” flick about two brothers who find a mysterious hole in their new house’s basement that leads to the darkest places of their fears and nightmares. You can probably guess the rest. Even the actors look rather bored here; they try to deal with the issue as […]

I Love You Phillip Morris [2010]

 I was very disappointed with Jim Carrey’s latest movie. We don’t get to see much of him anymore, but I always expect something good from him. Not the case with “I Love You Philip Morris”, a movie about a married man who turns gay after a sudden accident. His new […]

Eat Pray Love [2010]

I guess the best way to describe this movie would be to say that it’s not for every taste. It might appeal more to women of a certain age, and probably to those who are familiar with the book. I’ve never read the book, but I can honestly say […]

Diminished Capacity [2008]

“Time is the guest of the north.” Matthew Broderick leads a talented cast in this  almost forgotten movie about a journalist suffering from memory loss who travels to his hometown in order to reconnect with his sick uncle (Alan Alda) and his old high school flame (Virginia Madsen). Together they travel […]

Green Zone [2010]

 “It is not for you to decide what happens here.” Matt Damon teams up once again with his “Bourne” director Paul Greengrass in this war thriller set in Iraq. My expectations were high, so eventually I was pretty disappointed. It’s not a bad movie, but it wasn’t as […]