Category: 80’s TO DATE

Dragonball Evolution [2009]

As a huge fan of the books, I felt insulted by this big screen adaptation of the Dragonball series. I mean seriously what the hell were they thinking? If you want to make a movie based upon  a very popular Japanese franchise, do it right. In this movie, we’re […]

The Departed [2006] ★★★★

Martin Scorsesse has been terrific over the years. With movies like “Raging Bull”, “Goodfellas”, “Gangs Of New York”, and even the underrated “King Of Comedy” on his résumé, the man can be proud. “The Departed” won him his first oscar as a director, and let me just say: it was […]

Tangled [2010]

Old fashioned Disney movie about a long haired princess called Rapunzel who spent her entire life in a tower after she was kidnapped from her parents when she was just a baby. The woman who kidnapped her is using Rapunzel’s magical hair for her own benefit: she wants to […]

Airplane! [1980]

Remembering funny man Leslie Nielsen who died at the age of 84 on sunday.  “Airplane!” is probably the funniest movie Nielsen has ever starred in (unless you’re a die hard fan of his “Naked Gun” trilogy). His role in the film may have been a supporting one, but I can’t […]

Shrek Forever After [2010]

A domesticated Shrek finds himself bored with the same routine and longs for his days as a frightful ogre. One day, he meets deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin, who makes Shrek an offer he can’t refuse, promising him to make him feel like a real ogre again. Shrek gets duped, and is […]

The Evil Dead [1981]

Five friends travel to a cabin in the mountains where they find evil spirits lurking around in the forest. One by one, they become possessed by the demon and develop the ability to chop each other to death! With only one of them still standing, it’s up to […]

Easy A [2010]

“Easy A” offers an interesting theory that says:  Don’t sleep with anybody but pretend you did. It all starts with a small white lie about a young woman named Olive saying that she lost her virginity to an older guy. Of course it isn’t true, but rumors spread fast […]

(500) Days Of Summer [2009]

Smart romantic comedy (or is it one?) takes us back and forth in time to trace the relationship between a young man (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and his co-worker  (Zooey Deshanel). He’s crazy about her, but she doesn’t believe in love or a serious relationship, even though she likes him. […]