Category: 80’s TO DATE

Watchmen [2009]

Stylish (if overlong) adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s celebrated novel set in a dark, alternate 1985 where superheroes have bonded together to respond to the murder of one of their own. Someone’s been plotting to get rid of our heroes, and it doesn’t take long for […]

All Good Things [2010]

“All Good Things” is the kind of  movie that gives Hollywood a bad name. I won’t dwell on the plot, which sounds pretty interesting at first: A love story and a murder case combined together based on a famous unsolved New York murder case. Nor will I comment on […]

Shadow Of The Vampire [2000]

Amusing and creepy fiction about the making of F.W Murnau’s classic movie “Nosferatu”. John Malkovich is terrific as the German filmmaker who has to deal with a very difficult lead actor (Willem Dafoe in a chilling performance) who seems to be taking his role much too seriously. The […]

Skyline [2010]

What the makers of this horrible movie don’t seem to understand is that we’ve seen it all before: “Independance Day”, “War Of The Worlds”, “Cloverfield” and even last year’s “District 9”. Unless you’re not familiar with any of these films, then there’s no reason for you to watch […]

V For Vendetta [2006]

I’m not a fan of  “The Matrix” trilogy or most of the Washowski brothers movies. But they really outdid themselves in “V For Vendetta”. In fact, I don’t think they’ll ever make a movie as fresh and beautiful as this one. Hugo Weaving (who else?) is terrific as the […]

The Hurricane [1999]

Exceptional movie follows the story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter (Denzel Washington in one of the best performances of his career), a proud, talented prizefighter unjustly convicted of a brutal crime he obviously didn’t commit. Locked away for almost 20 years, his once forgotten case surprisingly reemerges when a […]

Devil [2010]

“Devil” offers an interesting premise: five strangers who have commited various crimes in the past find themselves stuck in an elevator. It seemed like a normal enough day, but what these people don’t know is that someone has commited suicide in that same building earlier that day. Coincidence? […]