Category: 80’s TO DATE

Flipped [2010]

“Flipped” is easily the best relationship movie I’ve seen since “500 Days Of Summer”. I’m a guy who doesn’t stand Nicholas Sparks and his cheesy stories, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a good movie about the ups and downs of love. And “Flipped” is exactly […]

Secretariat [2010]

You might not give a damn about Secretariat, the fastest horse in history who went on to win horse racing’s triple crown in 1973, a feat not accomplished in 25 years. But the film contains all the elements needed to grab your attention from the word go and right through […]

Frankie And Alice [2010]

I haven’t seen Halle Berry in a movie since “Things We Lost In The Fire”. For a second there I thought she was done with acting. No worries: she’s back, and what a wonderful comeback it was. Her performance as a multiracial character in “Frankie And Alice” with personality […]

The Green Hornet [2011]

The problem with the “The Green Hornet” is that it doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s silly, it’s corny, and the wonderful Christoph Waltz is completely wasted as the villain. But even when the movie is average at best, Jay Chou was excellent and a lot […]

Welcome To The Rileys [2010]

Here’s the thing about Kirsten Stewart’s acting: she’s either horrible at it (hint: “Twilight”) or overdoing it. I admire her effort in “Welcome To The Rileys” but I just couldn’t buy her performance as a stripper/hooker. James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo are both very good, but they are misdirected. […]

Blue Valentine [2010]

Absorbing drama explores the beginning and end of an intimate relationship, going back and forth in time from the couple’s first meeting through the bitter disintegration of their marriage. The two stories are told in intersecting circles: We see the beggining of the end at first, then we […]

Season Of The Witch [2011]

Nothing makes sense in this dreadful supernatural thriller starring Nicolas Cage (the man who had a career once)  as a Crusader who returns with his comrade (Ron Perlman) to his homeland, only to find it devastated by the black plague. The church commands the two knights to transport an […]

Life As We Know It [2010]

Confession: I expected the worst here. I’m not a fan of Katherine Heigl or Josh Duhamel, and the plot seemed dumb, so basically my expectations were pretty low. I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t as bad as they (the critcs) said it was. But this […]

Casino Jack [2010]

You might know shit about Jack Abramoff, the greedy Washington lobbyist who is now serving out his 4 year prison terms for corruption and fraud. But director Georges Hickenlooper (who sadly died last october at age 47) will make sure you get a history lesson out of his […]

True Grit [2010]

I’m surprised the Coen brothers made this movie. It’s so different than any other film they ever did, except in quality. John Wayne won his first and only oscar for portraying the hard nosed, fearless one-eyed U.S marshal Rooster Cogburn back in 1969. I thought nobody could fill […]