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I watch bad movies so you can save your money

Jonah Hex [2010]

Sloppy wannabe western movie about a bounty hunter (Josh Brolin) who must find and kill the man who murdered his wife and son years ago (why bother with someting more original right?). I’m a fan of Josh Brolin and John Malkovich, but I think they both deserve something better than this. As […]

Across The Universe [2007]

If you’re a fan of The Beatles and/or musicals, chances are you’ve already seen and enjoyed “Across The Universe”. I like The Beatles, but I think this movie is a big lame excuse to introduce 30 of their songs in a long, sometimes uneven story (there are characters named Prudence and […]

Machete [2010]

“They F****d with the wrong Mexican” Violence is key in most of Robert Rodriguez’s movies. And it’s probably the reason why they’re so popular (recall “Desperado”, “Planet Terror”…). “Machete” is no exception; it’s a straighfoward action flick, and it’s all about revenge. Dany Trejo is well cast as […]

Alien Trespass [2009]

Entertaining movie about a an alien spaceraft that crashes in a small American town and unleashes a “monster” named ghota into the community.  If you’re familiar with such movies as “It Came From Outer Space”, “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and “War OF The Worlds”,  then you’ll know exactly […]

The American [2010]

The first thing you should know about “The American” is that it’s  not an action movie. The trailer made it look like one; it’s anything but. In fact, the story is slow paced, there isn’t much dialogue in it, and we barely see some action. Im pleased to […]

Little Ashes [2009]

 “And I’ve been insulting myself by letting your shruddy practices, your pathetic, outdated theories and questionable characters shit on my genius”. In 1922, a young Salvador Dali (played by Robert Pattinson) arrives at the university in Madrid and develops a friendship with poet Frederico Garcia Lorca (Javier Beltran) and […]

I Love You, Beth Cooper [2009]

“Thanks. You hit me with your car. That was pretty cool.” Geeky valedectorian (28 year old Paul Rust) reveals his love for the most popular girl in school (Hayden Panettiere) during his graduation speech, with disastrous consequences. For a minute there I thought this movie had potential. I […]