A Quiet Place Part II [2021] ★★½

It lacks the freshness of the first film, but “A Quiet Place Part II” still delivers the goods, thanks to a great cast and some pulse-pounding horror sequences, skillfully staged by director John Krasinski. Krasinski’s character may have died in the first film, but his work behind the camera is still impeccable, as we follow the Abbott family’s journey into the unknown. Newcomer Cillian Murphy is a welcome addition to the cast, and the concept is still very much the same: stay silent or die. And Krasinski makes the best of it, throwing one tense sequence after the other. Unlike the first movie, it doesn’t always pay off, and I do wish this sequel was a bit longer. Still, at 90 minutes, there’s plenty to enjoy here, and if you liked what its predecessor had to offer, you’ll most certainly fall for this sequel’s charm. I don’t know if they’ll ever follow this up with a third and final installment, but it’s been a rollercoaster ride so far. That’s no easy feat.

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