The Woman In The Window [2021] ★★

I really really wanted to like this Hitchcockian thriller, courtesy of director Joe Wright. Sadly, and after a solid start, the film veers towards cliche territory and never truly delivers a memorable twist. Amy Adams is good as always, playing an agoraphobic woman living alone in her New York apartment. In true Hitchcock fashion, she witnesses a murder one night, but no one seems to believe her, including the police. The best thing I can say about this thriller is that it’s wonderfully shot and directed. Wright is obviously inspired by the master of suspense, and his film is an homage to many of Hitch’s classics, including “Rear Window” (no surprises there). But unlike “Rear Window”, “The Woman in the Window” lacks suspense and fails to leave an impact. Adams is surrounded by a first rate cast that includes Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Jason Jason Leigh and Anthony Mackie. Too bad they’re all wasted in a murder mystery with very little to offer.

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