Things Heard & Seen [2021] ★½

Simply put, Netflix’s latest supernatural thriller is a waste of two hours. Part family drama, part haunted house movie, “Things Heard & Seen” tries to juggle a lot of themes at once, but it all adds up to nothing. Amanda Seyfried is the only saving grace of this movie; she plays an artist who relocates with her family to a house with a mysterious past. She also starts to suspect that her husband (played by James Norton) is keeping secrets from her. It’s easy to know where this story is going, perhaps a bit too easy. But the people behind it are convinced that they have a few surprises up their sleeve. Surprise: there isn’t any. Instead, the final third is a complete disaster and left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m convinced that this movie could have been at least decent. Too bad I probably won’t remember it a week from now.

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