Minari [2020] ★★★½

This Oscar-nominated family saga is beautifully made, and features genuine performances by Steven Yeun and Yeri Han. The plot is simple enough: a Korean family relocates to a farm in 1980’s Arkansas. The wife is sceptical, but her husband is convinced that this could be the start of their American dream. And for two hours, we are witnesses to the ups and downs of their everyday life. The story moves at a deliberately slow pace, but the arc itself is incredibly overwhelming, which only sinks in when the credits start rolling and you realize that life is constantly evolving and so much can change in so little time. The performances are top-notch, and the beautiful score by Emile Mosseri is a worthy companion to this unforgettable family drama. Kudos to writer/director Lee Isaac Chung, who wrote a truly poignant story that sneaks up and quietly breaks your heart. It’s easily one of my favorite movies of 2020 and a worthy Oscar contender.

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