The White Tiger [2021] ★★★

I absolutely love it when a movie comes out of nowhere and turns out to be a pleasant surprise. “The White Tiger” is based off a New York Times bestseller which I’m not familiar with (but now that I’ve seen the movie, I’m curious to check it out). Of the film itself, I can tell you that Adarsh Gourav’s strong and soulful performance cuts deep. He plays an ambitious Indian driver who decides to leave his poor entourage in order to work for a rich family. What happens next is nothing short of spectacular. No spoilers about how things turn out, but Ramin Bahrani’s constantly compelling, Oscar-nominated screenplay, is a thing of beauty and terror. His film is one from the heart, and it’s difficult not to root for our main character from the word go. “The White Tiger” has been streaming on Netflix for a few months now and I urge you to seek it out. It’s one of the year’s finest dramas so far.

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