Madame Claude [2021] ★½

From the trailer and poster, you’d think this fact-based story about Madame Claude, the woman who created a business empire dedicated to prostitution in 1960’s Paris would be at least intriguing to check out. Alas, the final result is an incoherent mess that doesn’t have any of the good qualities of a biography. The problem here is that we’re not given a chance to root for any of the characters we meet. Instead, the movie jumps from one unrelated scene to the next like a music video, and not a very good one either. Maybe there’s a good story buried somewhere in there, but I can’t find it. If you’re interested to know more about Madame Claude and her girls, I can guarantee you that this movie will offer you nothing. It’s dull, disjointed, and a giant mess. Skip it.

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