Deadly Illusions [2021] ★

In the 90’s, a movie like “Deadly Illusions” would have gone straight to cable TV. In 2021, a movie like “Deadly Illusions” should have went straight to trash. It baffles me that a movie like this one even exists. It baffles me that a group of people got together to make this preposterous “erotic” thriller. Have they ever watched a thriller before? Apparently not. I’ll spare you the details. But all you need to know is that Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis plays a happily married writer who hires a nanny (Greer Grammer, daughter of Frasier’s Kelsey Grammer) to take care of her kids. But is she as innocent as she appears to be? Obviously not. You’re thinking the script by Anna Elizabeth James can’t be as simple-minded like that. But it can. You can see everything coming a mile away, including the stupid plot twist that won’t shock anyone. This trashfest is easily the worst movie you’ll see this year. It’s that bad.

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