Godzilla Vs. Kong [2021] ★★★

To say that I should have experienced “Godzilla Vs. Kong” on the biggest screen possible would truly be the understatement of the year. Instead, I had to look it up online and watch it on my HD TV. Fair enough. But get this: this long awaited monster showdown delivers everything you would expect from it: dumb dialogue and some spectacular action sequences, worthy of its two stars: Godzilla and Kong. You don’t need to worry about the story itself. All you need to know is that the two monsters will eventually clash, with humanity caught in the middle. It’s an epic showdown, fueled with eye-popping visual effects and pulse pounding fight sequences (trust me, it keeps getting better and better). You won’t find quotable dialogue here or a phenomenal storyline. You will, however, find yourself rooting for a monster of your choice, as they battle each other into oblivion. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll have a mighty good time here. I know I did.

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