Promising Young Woman [2020] ★★★

“Promising Young Woman” offers a juicy role for the talented Carey Mulligan, but the movie itself is well-made and constantly engaging, making it one of the true highlights of 2020. Mulligan plays a young woman who is leading a double life: she works in a coffee shop during the day and extracts revenge on sexual predators by night. Slowly but surely we come to find out why she’s doing all this, but I will not reveal more. Writer-director Emerald Fennell has crafted a film that couldn’t be more relevant in today’s society. But the movie wouldn’t work as much as it does if it weren’t for Mulligan’s committed performance. Moviegoers who usually associate her with completely different type of movies may be pleasantly surprised at her skillful handling of this unusually tough material. And to say that the film messes with your head on multiple occasions would truly be an understatement. But this is why we still go to the movies (or stream in this case). “Promising Young Woman” is a breath of fresh air, and , might I add, completely credible. I cannot recommend it enough.

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