Nomadland [2020] ★★★

We didn’t need more proof of her talent, but Francis McDormand delivers yet another fierce performance in “Nomadland”, playing a working class woman who embarks on a journey across America in the wake of the great recession of 2008. Like a true nomad, she lives in a van, meets new people, looks for brief opportunities, before moving on to the next town. It’s a poetic journey, fueled by great cinematography and a superior performance by McDormand. Writer-director Chloe Zhao takes a low-key approach to her material, which deepens the film’s intimate power. And it’s only after the credits start rolling that you realize how emotional the whole journey was. Will it be everyone’s cup of tea? Probably not. If you’re expecting twists and turns, you won’t find any here. But just in case you’re seeking a spiritual ride, “Nomadland” more than fits the bill. It’s a film unlike anything I’ve seen in recent memory.

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