Cobrai Kai | Season Three [2021] ★★★½

With so many streaming platforms at the palm of our hand, I’m always on the lookout for the next series worth binging. But having been a huge “Karate Kid” fan for over two decades now, I tend to take my precious time with “Cobra Kai”, savoring every second until I move on to the next big show. Season 1 and 2 were both incredible to begin with, so my expectations were more or less high for this newest season, now streaming on Netflix. And I’m happy to report that it was everything I was looking for, and then some. If you recall, last season ended on a dramatic note, with Miguel ending up in a hospital bed after the huge school fight. Here, all the characters are looking for some sort of redemption, including Daniel LaRusso, who travels all the way to Okinawa to reconnect with Mister Miyagi’s roots. It’s one hell of a season, and as usual, you can expect a lot of surprises here and there, especially if you grew up with the original trilogy. More good news is that season 4 is already in the works, which means the terrific cliffhanger at the end won’t be in vain. I won’t reveal more, except to say that if you’ve enjoyed what this series had to offer so far, you’ll absolutely love the new season. It’s a total blast from start to finish and easily one of the best things on TV right now.

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