Another Round [2020] ★★★½

Simply put, “Another Round” is one of the best films I’ve seen in 2020. Mads Mikkelsen has been one of my favorite actors for many years now, and he has delivered yet another sensational performance here, playing a high school teacher who isn’t satisfied with his life anymore. We can quickly see that the man needs some kind of change, any change, and he’s about to get it. How? Without spoiling too much, I will say that his three colleagues suggest that if he can maintain a 0.5% alcohol level, he can function better and live a happier life. The consequences of this life-changing decision are vividly felt, because these are real people with real problems. Mikkelsen has previously teamed-up with writer-director Thomas Vinterberg and co-writer Tobias Lindholm on the superior 2013 movie “The Hunt”, and it’s safe to safe that they’ve done it again. “Another Round”is an exceptional drama that left a huge impact on me. It also offers Mikkelsen another chance to prove that he’s one of the finest actors alive today. Needless to say, he has managed to pull it off. I cannot recommend this movie enough.

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