On The Rocks [2020] ★★½

You can think of Sofia Coppola’s “On The Rocks” as an old-fashioned star vehicle, tailor-made for Bill Murray’s larger than life persona. As such, it’s so easy to watch and lightly enjoyable, despite a paper-thin story. Rashida Jones plays a married woman who is almost convinced that her husband (Marlon Wayans) is having an affair. Who she gonna call? Her father (Murray), of course , who  takes her on an adventure through New York to try and find out if her suspicions are real. There isn’t much more to the film. But watching Murray and Jones is enough reason to stream this movie. It has a relaxed feel and doesn’t pretend to be more than it really is. I know that Coppola fans might be expecting something completely different than this. But her touch is there, and she’s given us more reasons to love Bill Murray. What more can you ask for?

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