The Queen’s Gambit [2020] ★★★½

I know almost nothing about chess. It’s a game that I briefly played when I was younger but never truly picked up again. And yet, I fell in love with “The Queen’s Gambit”, Netflix’s latest limited series that hits all the right notes. How is that possible? Making chess a subject of compelling drama for people who don’t follow the game is no easy task. Which is why the people behind this project deserve credit for pulling-off the impossible, turning a simple story into something truly unforgettable. And they have found the right person to carry the series through: Anya Taylor-Joy is a revelation, disappearing completely into the role of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy in 1960’s USA. Orphaned at 9, Beth discovers her love for chess in the most unusual of places. This eventually leads to success and fame, but not without a price. Taylor-Joy lets it bleed, giving a performance awards were created for. And the story is constantly engaging and appealing across all 7 episodes, keeping you on the edge of your seat at almost every turn. Kudos to the creators for giving us something worth cheering for this year. And kudos to Anya Taylor-Joy for immortalizing the fictional role of Beth Harmon. If you’re a chess aficionado or if you’re clueless like me, I think you’ll love “The Queen’s Gambit”. It could well become Netflix’s best limited series of the year.

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