Holidate [2020] ★★

Star power can save a movie from being a complete waste of time. Case in point: “Holidate”, Netflix’s latest rom-com starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey. They play two strangers completely fed up with the pressure of having a date on every holiday, so they decide to be each other’s “plus 1” throughout the year, just for the fun of it. Will they eventually fall in love? You know it. I don’t suppose anyone would watch a film called “Holidate” expecting twists and turns. And I have to admit: the premise had me going at first. But it does get old after a while, relying far too often on textbook cliches and jokes that mostly fall flat. It’s still watchable, thanks to Roberts and Bracey’s chemistry. But ultimately, this is routine stuff that you’ve seen a million times before, and better.

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