Enola Holmes [2020] ★★½

While far from being great, there’s still something charming and irresistible about “Enola Holmes”, Netflix’s answer to the “Sherlock Holmes” franchise. It helps that it moves at a fast pace. It also helps to have Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”) as Enola, Sherlock’s younger sister who also happens to be a sleuth in the making. The film, nicely shot and directed, focuses on Enola’s quest to find her missing mother (Played by Helena Bonham Carter), who mysteriously vanished one day, leaving behind a series of clues for our young detective. This sets the tone for an entertaining adventure that doesn’t always stay on track, but still manages to deliver the necessary goods. Brown is perfectly cast, and she is surrounded by a colorful array of supporting characters, including Henry Cavill (as Sherlock), Sam Claflin (as Mycroft, her older brother), and Fiona Shaw. So if you’re looking for something diverting and fun, look no further than “Enola Holmes”. It’s not the best thing you’ll stream this month, but I’m sure you’ll have a mighty good time with it anyway.

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